Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is no where safe?

April 17th

Orchid grows bored, now she spends most of the day either under deck or staring at the distance hoping that land would appear. I feel safe on the seas, safer than I did sometimes in my own home.

This didn’t protect us from one Jason Moriarty, who tried to take my life and my Orchid’s life on two occasions, in our home. Once was early in the morning, miss Viv had come for a short visit. As she was about to leave she opened the door and turned to say good bye once more. That single action save her life, as she was turned back I noticed objects on the steps, bombs, which she would have stepped on, no dubitably killing us all. We managed to escape that day with the help of the community, even Beq, who at that point I could barely look at.

It was a few days later that we were relaxing on the couch, when the door opened, no one there. As I got up to close the door Moriarty rose from the ground. A battle would ensue, with no ground gained by any until my power started to fade, as it was draining me to use it. It ended in explosions in the house, objects flying around as we were thrown back, a great deal of the concussion absorbed by a shield, but still much of the force hitting us. We were injured, but not out, we would fight another day.

-Rip Wirefly

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