Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Deal

April 15th

Orchid seems to be slowing down a bit, relaxing and taking in all that is around her. I greatly enjoy the time we spend together. I remember past events and know that I cannot ever take for granted the time I have with her, it is all important every second.

It was a day when Orchid, Beq, and I were ice skating next to the now demolished circus, outside the palisades wall. Beq was down for some reason and we were attempting to cheer her up. Orchid had fallen down and dragged me with her. As we tried to stand up, pulling each other down, Nareth came up and beckoned to Beq. There was something different from her and the professor Nishi people talked about, I always called her Nareth, never professor, as many had. Little did we know that this day would protect us, and cause us anguish in so many ways. Nareth made a deal with her that day, that she would not harm us, and in return Beq would take the fall if need be. Beq chose her words poorly, only Nareth could not harm us, it still left the door open to our minds.

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