Thursday, August 27, 2009

The mission

April 13th

I am glad I brought this tattered old journal of mine along for the ride. It has not seen light in quite a few nights, and the time at sea provides me with much time to think, and remember, thought which I can only spill out onto paper.

It was only a few days prior that a ship pulled into Iron Bay, docking at the ironworks. It needed a bit of repair, which was quickly handled, while in the meantime the captain recounted a tale of his home, Ravila, a town close to 10 days form the shore of Babbage. He told of a vampire that had taken home there recently, keeping out of the way of the residents, but still seen flying at nights. As I heard this I kept to myself, plotting in my head to leave the home of Babbage for quite a few days, in order to seek out this vampire, in case it could be her.

Now I come to be on a ship with my dear wife, chasing a hope that I can finally put my heart at ease.

-Rip Wirefly

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