Thursday, August 27, 2009

A chance meeting

April 14th

It is joyful to see Orchid so excited to look about, gazing over the vast ocean, bare, and distant. Occasionally she sees other boats, waving excitedly to them, a few blasting their horns in response. She will get over the initial feel soon I fear, but I hope she stays as energetic. As she runs around I think back, to the time I first met Nareth.

It was quite a few months ago I was sitting in Ruby’s talking to Jim as I looked to see a cloaked figure standing at the door, slowly moving to the table. She talked to Jimmy, acknowledging me briefly, before she retired from behind me where she had stood. Not did I know that that chance meeting would influence events to come. She knew that I was not trouble to her, and she knew I knew nothing of her. It was the night after that I sat on the vacant Phantasmagorium, watching the sun set, only able to ascend to the top as a result of my steam boots. As the sun dipped below the horizon a voice came from behind me. It was Nareth. She talked to me for a bit, said a few odd things that looking back I should have picked up on, things she did that I should haven seen. I had no clue that night how close I came to dying.

-Rip Wirefly

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