Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is no where safe?

April 17th

Orchid grows bored, now she spends most of the day either under deck or staring at the distance hoping that land would appear. I feel safe on the seas, safer than I did sometimes in my own home.

This didn’t protect us from one Jason Moriarty, who tried to take my life and my Orchid’s life on two occasions, in our home. Once was early in the morning, miss Viv had come for a short visit. As she was about to leave she opened the door and turned to say good bye once more. That single action save her life, as she was turned back I noticed objects on the steps, bombs, which she would have stepped on, no dubitably killing us all. We managed to escape that day with the help of the community, even Beq, who at that point I could barely look at.

It was a few days later that we were relaxing on the couch, when the door opened, no one there. As I got up to close the door Moriarty rose from the ground. A battle would ensue, with no ground gained by any until my power started to fade, as it was draining me to use it. It ended in explosions in the house, objects flying around as we were thrown back, a great deal of the concussion absorbed by a shield, but still much of the force hitting us. We were injured, but not out, we would fight another day.

-Rip Wirefly


April 16th

I stare at the distance lost in thought today, thinking of the reasons why I am really doing this. Is it for me, for Orchid, or for the common good? I wonder if I am just doing this for revenge, or possibly to ease my mind to know that she isn’t out there. Or perhaps to prevent her from coming back ever, she hurt us in many ways, none physically, she was a master and emotional pain.

Nareth tricked Beq; she got her to link her to her. Nareth was now linked to Beq, she had many attributes from the living, mostly being able to walk about at daylight. Orchid was there for it, and Beq played right into Nareth’s hand. Beq loved Orchid, she wanted her, Nareth pushed her, tried to take her, but Orchid resisted and got away. She was easy to forgive, I was not.

Another time, Nareth tried to trick us, to get us to fall into her trap. She told us how to kill her, but said it would harm Beq too, what we would learn is this was not true, it would have saved Beq. She even went as far as to solicit Orchid, saying f she spent a night with her she would release Beq. Orchid thought, surprising me, and then said no, which was smart, she was testing her, and she would not have released her. I was disappointed and walked ahead as Orchid pleaded. We sat on the docks, like we had after our first performance, and watched the sun rise. We got engaged on that spot during that sunrise. Funny how things put other things into perspective sometimes.

-Rip Wirefly

The Deal

April 15th

Orchid seems to be slowing down a bit, relaxing and taking in all that is around her. I greatly enjoy the time we spend together. I remember past events and know that I cannot ever take for granted the time I have with her, it is all important every second.

It was a day when Orchid, Beq, and I were ice skating next to the now demolished circus, outside the palisades wall. Beq was down for some reason and we were attempting to cheer her up. Orchid had fallen down and dragged me with her. As we tried to stand up, pulling each other down, Nareth came up and beckoned to Beq. There was something different from her and the professor Nishi people talked about, I always called her Nareth, never professor, as many had. Little did we know that this day would protect us, and cause us anguish in so many ways. Nareth made a deal with her that day, that she would not harm us, and in return Beq would take the fall if need be. Beq chose her words poorly, only Nareth could not harm us, it still left the door open to our minds.

A chance meeting

April 14th

It is joyful to see Orchid so excited to look about, gazing over the vast ocean, bare, and distant. Occasionally she sees other boats, waving excitedly to them, a few blasting their horns in response. She will get over the initial feel soon I fear, but I hope she stays as energetic. As she runs around I think back, to the time I first met Nareth.

It was quite a few months ago I was sitting in Ruby’s talking to Jim as I looked to see a cloaked figure standing at the door, slowly moving to the table. She talked to Jimmy, acknowledging me briefly, before she retired from behind me where she had stood. Not did I know that that chance meeting would influence events to come. She knew that I was not trouble to her, and she knew I knew nothing of her. It was the night after that I sat on the vacant Phantasmagorium, watching the sun set, only able to ascend to the top as a result of my steam boots. As the sun dipped below the horizon a voice came from behind me. It was Nareth. She talked to me for a bit, said a few odd things that looking back I should have picked up on, things she did that I should haven seen. I had no clue that night how close I came to dying.

-Rip Wirefly

The mission

April 13th

I am glad I brought this tattered old journal of mine along for the ride. It has not seen light in quite a few nights, and the time at sea provides me with much time to think, and remember, thought which I can only spill out onto paper.

It was only a few days prior that a ship pulled into Iron Bay, docking at the ironworks. It needed a bit of repair, which was quickly handled, while in the meantime the captain recounted a tale of his home, Ravila, a town close to 10 days form the shore of Babbage. He told of a vampire that had taken home there recently, keeping out of the way of the residents, but still seen flying at nights. As I heard this I kept to myself, plotting in my head to leave the home of Babbage for quite a few days, in order to seek out this vampire, in case it could be her.

Now I come to be on a ship with my dear wife, chasing a hope that I can finally put my heart at ease.

-Rip Wirefly