Wednesday, September 16, 2009


April 18th

As we sailed today I stared into the distance, lost in thought, nothing to distract me. Orchid slept through the day, while I stayed above, the air as my company.

There came a day when we knew Jason would strike, but we also thought we would not have our greatest defender, and our greatest enemy to aid us. We set traps for Jason. We knew what he needed and we laid plans to catch him off guard. He showed up, invisible, only footsteps could be heard, walking. We set a cage, a faraday cage, blocks electricity, flanked by fire to keep him from going around, as well as to give me strength if needed. I walked in the cage to lure him as I closed one side the other side became unable to open. I stood in the cage as Jason materialized. I hit him with a ball of fire to distract him as I ran out the other side, he now trapped by himself in the cage. He tried to escape to no avail. He then stopped and turned invisible, the gate opened, we knew he had gotten out, but no idea how. I now trapped, looked around me knowing he was near when a voice called from in the cage, then out. Nareth, she had come, she talked to Jason, he took energy, the thing we had tried to prevent him from doing, and Nareth began to lose control. People thought she had come to save us. Save us she was there for, but only to save us from Jason so that she could have a clear shot.

The events that came there after were a blur then as they are still now. The Van Creed crashed, needed help. Jason traveled by electricity to a platform that they had docked on. The Van Creed told me where they had been and I rushed over, Nareth behind. Jason stood next to the cloud angel. Nareth stood opposite of him. Jason tried things, Nareth stopped him. The cuckoo’s and their automaton showed. Jason tried to harness the cloud angel, it backfired. He was pale, and ordinary. He ran to the cuckoos in rage, falling off the edge. The cloud angel then was used to send the boys home, how I will never know. Nareth began to scream, fire sprayed everywhere, the platform began to collapse. We escaped; Nareth fell into the ocean, erupting in fire.

-Rip Wirefly

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