Thursday, August 27, 2009


April 16th

I stare at the distance lost in thought today, thinking of the reasons why I am really doing this. Is it for me, for Orchid, or for the common good? I wonder if I am just doing this for revenge, or possibly to ease my mind to know that she isn’t out there. Or perhaps to prevent her from coming back ever, she hurt us in many ways, none physically, she was a master and emotional pain.

Nareth tricked Beq; she got her to link her to her. Nareth was now linked to Beq, she had many attributes from the living, mostly being able to walk about at daylight. Orchid was there for it, and Beq played right into Nareth’s hand. Beq loved Orchid, she wanted her, Nareth pushed her, tried to take her, but Orchid resisted and got away. She was easy to forgive, I was not.

Another time, Nareth tried to trick us, to get us to fall into her trap. She told us how to kill her, but said it would harm Beq too, what we would learn is this was not true, it would have saved Beq. She even went as far as to solicit Orchid, saying f she spent a night with her she would release Beq. Orchid thought, surprising me, and then said no, which was smart, she was testing her, and she would not have released her. I was disappointed and walked ahead as Orchid pleaded. We sat on the docks, like we had after our first performance, and watched the sun rise. We got engaged on that spot during that sunrise. Funny how things put other things into perspective sometimes.

-Rip Wirefly

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