Wednesday, September 16, 2009


April 19th

Orchid has become tired of the journey, and is anxious for dry land. This will be my last entry before we reach our destination. My mind is racing and too much it going through it to organize anymore. I fear this entry will be a complete mess.

Nareth too Beq from us, made her her own, took control. She used Beq’s emotions against us. She played with them, trying to pull her more towards her, away from us, those who would keep her from harm. Nareth found another, one I saw very little yet knew was bad. Lina I think it was. Too obedient, too much trouble. Research led to dead ends. With every solution there was an out Nareth had. Everything that countered what she was, was countered by something else she was. I began to tinker with lenses, hoping to be able to amplify light, hoping to trap her.

We went to Beq’s to check on her, she was sick, dying. We saw her break her last breath only to breathe another. Nareth told us to run, that was the only time I agreed with Nareth.

The urchins got interested, Nareth told them to stay away, they wouldn’t, they got lucky.

Rats she had feed on rats, and they were possibly infected, a plague like no other was possible.

Death, destruction of everything we knew was imminent, and when trying to find a way to stop it we were left with the frustration of, how does one fight a god.

We went to Beq’s to check on her, she was strong, and with Nareth. We were cornered, fire protecting us from Beq and Nareth. Nareth trying some dark magic, beq trying to grab Orchid already cutting her throat a bit. Another room they went, we tried to leave. Nareth stoped my path at the bottom of the stairs, Beq cornering Orchid at the top. I had hate in my heart but I had to get to Orchid, I left Nareth, she flew out the window. Beq threw me against a wall. I heard a scream, Orchid cut beq before being flung at me. Beq screamed as fire fell upon her. We ran. Hate still in my heart we went to lab, the lenses in tow. We set them up at her door, to catch her. I heard a voice, saying burn it, and chanting began. I placed the lenses in order and the building erupted in flames, exploding from what ever was left.

Beq was fine, Nareth released her, she wasn’t needed yet.

I need my rest, harsh days will come.

-Rip Wirefly

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