Monday, December 15, 2008

Moriarty Attacks

This morning seemed like a normal day. Woke up and laid on the sofa with my dear, just idly chatting. This would all change in a hurry. We were relaxing unarmed, as who would be armed in their own home, when the noise of our front door opening startled us. I looked to the door and no one was there until a black hole formed on the ground before myself and Orchid. Slowly out of it crept a face that I had only seen once previously but would recognize anywhere, Jason Moriarty. Immediately he said “I know they have sent you to stop me.” At this point lightening began to radiate from him, as I encircled Orchid and I in a shield of fire to keep us safe. It seemed that he had some how found out that Orchid had talked with the Van Creed, and thought that I was associated with them as well. He said that he could not have us getting in the way and that he had power, and soon more. That tomorrow would be the final day for us all.

At this point Moriarty shot a bolt at us, possibly just at one, which I managed to block, still baffles me that a shield of fire is able to block a bolt of electricity. Talk then went to his power that the gods had given him, that he used to be like us but not different from them. At that he attacked us again, only able to block a part of the attack we were hit lightly, though the blue glow still enveloped us. At this point I knew I couldn’t just defend anymore, and I closed my eyes concentrating, a ball of fire forming of Moriarty’s head, which soon after rained fire down upon him. This caused him to retreat a bit, and the blue glow to subside from us. We stood there a brief exchange of words occurred on him not expecting me to have such powers, ending in him saying “I expected you to die like all simple human beings, they cut and bleed so easy.” I began to speak as he struck me with a bolt that I was too slow to block, causing me to drop to my knee, barley able to move, Orchid how ever was not struck, it was meant only for me. I struggled to move, with little success. Before I could move again he sent a bolt straight at us, hitting me a bit and Orchid even more, causing her to fall to her knees.

I struggled to move still, as Moriarty, Orchid and I exchanged words about the Van Creed. I began to be able to move again, and started to form a ball of fire in my hand to throw at him, still to weak to fully move I could not throw it at the present, this ball would in fact both our lives though. Moriarty got tired of the exchange and decided to leave, but not with out one more attack. He pulled back, pulling electricity and set it at us in the form of a massive explosion, I using the ball to create a shield that was futile, only weakening the original concussion, which saved our lives. Few more blasts occurred side out the house as he walked away, sending bolts of lightening in the air, smoke enveloping the air as he jumped and fell into a cloud of red, disappearing. As a result of the explosions Orchid was thrown, hitting her arm on the table, as well as being burnt from the shocks earlier. I was also sent flying from the blast, ribs taking the force of the concussion that broke through, weakened from using a great deal of energy to block his attacks, hitting my head on the floor, resulting in my unconsciousness. If it had not been for Viv coming to say hello that morning we might still be there on the floor. We would soon come to find out that Jed had also been attacked, but she had been hit by surprise and had the intelligence to hide in a snow drift after being attacked to prevent further attacks on her.

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