Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Lucas Incident

As promised I will recount the events that have taken place around Lucas. By no means will this be the most formally written account but I do hope that it provides insight to those who seek it.
The entire escapade began when I was first told by Mr. Jyskel Radek that a ghost had appeared at the old Imperial. He brought me to the entity and we proceeded to ask questions. That first day we were able to determine his name, what he was looking for and the description of it, which was a blue bear with gold buttons named Spud. Jyskel and I searched about the theater but we had no such luck. Periodically I returned to the ghost named Lucas in order to try to attain more information about possibly where he had lost it. No such luck, only thing knew that came from him was the identity of his murderer, Moriarty.
Until recently I had almost given up hope of ever finding Spud. One day however I was visiting the new school house and a young man named Victor Wunderlich. Mr. Vendetta Welles and I spotted the bear and new immediately that it was the said bear. To the best of my abilities I tried to implore Victor to go into the theater with me to try and show Lucas the bear, I did not want to take the boy’s bear, which would be cruel. Despite my best efforts that day Victor ran away, he is scared of ghosts. One thing did come out of that day, I knew that Spud existed and who had him.
My next meeting with Victor would prove to be more fruitful. I was a bit more subtle with the topic and danced around it a bit. Eventually I proposed that we perform a trade, a new bear for the old one. Victor did indeed like the idea and even beat me to the store which sold bears. At this time I was not alone however. Mr. Roman Branderburg, Mr. Poopdeck Halfpint, and Ms. Orchid McMillan were all in my company. A trade was performed and I now possed the bear known as Spud.
Next came a difficult decision. Was I to hold on to the bear in secrecy or immediately take it to Lucas? Ms. Orchid and I contemplated what to do and came to the decision to hold onto the bear incase two things were to come about. One would be that in giving the bear we might unleash something sinister onto New Babbage, or, possibly, use it as a kind of lure if need be. So if I did not tell anyone of this part of the escapade prior please forgive me.
Yesterday, Halloween, or Samhain, I was walking about New Babbage and I heard a man shout in a very sinister voice. It was to the tune of something like as you grow weaker I grow stronger. I believed the yelling had come from the Theater so I headed over there where Mr. Welles was. As soon as I could ask what the shouting was about I heard Orchid Scream. Luckily I had brought Betty with me, if you have seen her you know what I mean. I unsheathed her and rushed inside will Mr. Welles. It was cold about and I immediately saw Orchid frozen in a ball of ice. I dared not attack the ball in fear of harming her, so instead I walked a few steps into the Imperial Theater itself and saw a man there hovering over Lucas. He was very thin, green buggy eyes, green hair, and carried a large book. This man is known as Angry Jenkins and he said that he had come for Lucas’s soul. About this time the ice around Orchid melted and she rushed into the seating area where Welles and I were. He then informed us that he was still weak, as to why the ice had worn off so quickly. For such a weak man his power of ice was still powerful. We got from him that he had been banished last year from New Babbage by Mr. Skusting Dagger. About this time we lost sight of him. But it was not for long as Welles said that he was coming back. This time he came in and shot more ice at us, this time Welles and I. I managed to dodge the shots but Welles was not so lucky. This time I was impatient with the ice. I shot fire at the ball surrounding Welles but to no avail. As it had with Orchid the ice wore off and Jenkins flew above us taunting. He then caught me off guard and I was frozen. At this point I furiously tried to escape the confines, and again to no avail. Eventually it did wear off, and despite being a bit cold, I was alright, but Jenkins was nowhere in to sight. We took this as our cue to leave.
We stuck together and informed Mr. Dagger that Jenkins had returned, which put him on guard. We went to Ruby’s for a while to calm down a bit after what happened. Mr. Welles though felt the urge to go back to the Imperial and see if he could get any more information from Lucas. When he got there he found Jenkins had returned. Jenkins now asked questions of Lucas. He got Lucas to recount his own death, something so heart wrenching that I do not wish to repeat it here. Perhaps ask Mr. Welles or Mr. Dagger what was said because they are too atrocious to repeat. We then informed Mr. Dagger of his current location, who in turn informed Ms. Breezy Carver. Orchid and I left in the new company of Jimmy Branagh and arrived as they did. The theater was still cold; we could see our own breath. This time however Jenkins was a bit different in his actions. He seemed more rushed, though he kept saying he had plenty of time, and he also seemed on edge, perhaps at the appearance of Mr. Dagger. Upon talking to Jenkins, Mr. Dagger was hit and frozen temporarily. Comments were made and Jimmy laughed at Jenkins, which then in turn caused him to be frozen. Mr. Welles was the nexxt victim, causing his steam systems to to freeze over ((had to go irl)). Mr. Dagger then questioned Lucas about the bear and talk then turned from Jenkins to the bear. Mr. Dagger asked who had the bear and where it was last seen. The end result was Dagger asking me if I had indeed acquired the bear from Victor. Seems someone had told him that I acquired the bear that week. I knew that I had to get over my fear of something bad happening because if I didn’t then something worse could. Before I could move though it got extremely cold and I was frozen again. I guess Jenkins wanted the bear, but he didn’t realize that you cannot grab through ice. As I unfroze I headed down to the stage and tried to present the bear to Lucas but to no avail. Jenkins asked repeatedly in a very hurried tone “What are you doing?” I then gave the bear to Jimmy in hopes that an Urchin could better talk to Lucas. This theory worked and Lucas responded to the bear by asking us to read a letter to him. Jimmy found the letter in the bear’s pocket and read it. This is what it said. “My dear son, please understand that I could not take care of you and had to leave you in the care of the orphanage. I hope you have a long and full life. Keep Spud close, and he will Guide you through the bad times. I love you always. Your mother.” At first it appeared that it was not working so we kept reading it multiple times but them we realized that Jenkins was gone. As we then talked how we could approach it differently I looked over and realized that Lucas was gone. It would seem that reading it worked. We stayed a while to make sure that Jenkins did not return, but he did not. All I know is that now an innocent soul has been put to rest and another mad man could now be running around the streets of New Babbage.

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